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We offer 15- Elective courses and the 3hr NH core from your last or next renewal that
all can be used towards the 60 hrs of required credits.

Save Now by ordering 3 or more books

Class Combinations:      Pre-Reg      Walk-in      S&H
15 Hour Combination:  $150.00      $155.00       $7.80

12 Hour Combination:  $125.00      $130.00       $7.80

  9 Hour Combination     $102.00       $105.00      $7.80

6 Hour Combination      $73.00         $75.00        $7.80

3 Hour Class (Live or HS)     $38.90        $41.00       $7.80

Additional course/s Pricing add on to the 15 hour Combination Price

 6-10 courses add $27.00 per additional course    +   $14.00 S&H
11-14 courses add $25.00 per additional course   +   $14.00 S&H

Add the CORE home study or live course for an additional $25.00
to any of the above packages

or order 15 courses (14 electives and core home study Totaling 45 HRS)
 to use towards your 60 hrs for
$350.00 includ
es S&H

We also offer additional online courses as well as live to complete your 60 hrs,
Call school or see online course page for details


To register for a class Fill out this form and Email it by pressing the submit button or print it out and  Mail or Fax it to:

Ripaldi real estate school, llc, PO Box 20, Hampstead, NH 03841;
PH: 603-329-0145; Fax: (603) 329-9457; relicense@comcast.net

1.  Are you taking all 16 home study electives: yes no
no please select witch books you would like from the boxes below.  Remember you cannot duplicate any courses

1st Elective  2nd Elective   

3rd Elective 
4th Elective 

5th Elective  6th Elective 

7th Elective  8th Elective 

9th Elective  10th Elective

11th Elective12th Elective

13th Elective14th Elective

See Above for Prices

2. Would you like to take the 3 hr NH core course for an additional $25.00:  

no          yes/book home study      yes/Downloadable home study 
  yes/live: date/loc



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